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Making life easy with Varcity Living

At Varcity we pride ourselves on presenting solutions to problems and a professional service to all our customers, whether tenants, landlords or investors. Part of this service is making everything we do more efficient so that all of our customers can benefit from a service that isn’t only premium, but also provides quick solutions to any problems that may arise.

As a result of these needs, in the past year we have made some new additions to our website. One of these has been introducing our Landlord Dashboard, which is an online portal that each of our landlords has private access to. It can be found on the Varcity Living website in the top right-hand corner and helps to provide an overview of a landlord’s properties, including such things as reports on rental income and so on.

Another addition to our website has been our Fixflo tool. This essential piece of software helps tenants to report any maintenance issues they may be experiencing, with ease and with no need to leave the comfort of their home. The tool directs tenants to specify exactly what and where the issue is, so that our maintenance team know exactly what tools they will need and how best to address the issue. In fact, this tool has become so effective it is now the only way tenants report maintenance issues, as it helps to streamline our maintenance efforts and properly inform our team.


Last but not least is our online payment system. Introduced in September 2019 this addition has quickly become an integral part of our operation and helps both us and our customers to make easy, quick payments.

We hope these online advancements have helped to make your life easier and stress-free. At Varcity Living, making things easier and more efficient for our customers is of the utmost importance to use. If you need any help with any of these online tools (all of which you can find on our website) then please do get in touch on