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We care about the planet and we know our customers do too. Our team takes pride in Bangor's unique natural beauty and we want to make a difference in bettering our local environment for our customers and the community.

At Varcity we love our city and we know our customers do too. Our environmental commitment is built to reflect that, as we are dedicated to a cleaner, more sustainable future for Bangor and those who live, study and work here.

Our primary goals are to positively affect the local environment and minimise our overall environmental footprint. We know the time for action is now and we believe we can make a difference.

Our commitment

In Bangor, we know the importance of the natural environment in our daily lives and the lives of our customers, and it matters to us that we play our part to protect it. Whether it’s the stunning landscapes we see around us every day, or the diverse coastal ecosystems that attract students from around the world to study at Bangor University, we care. We acknowledge the opportunity as a business to make a difference both locally and on a larger scale, and this commitment marks the start of a journey to minimise our environmental footprint wherever we can.

We see this project as ever-evolving, with our goal being to continually improve and expand our efforts across all areas of the business. To begin this journey, we have audited our office-based activities and listened to staff and customer feedback. As a result, we are looking to improve in two major areas; firstly, our office practices and secondly, the impacts our properties have during and after tenancies. Alongside changes to our business operations that will provide an even smoother letting experience for our customers, we are looking to utilise online innovations. This involves remote viewings to minimise our environmental impact through reduced travel, as well as a host of other online services.

At Varcity our customers have always been at the heart of everything we do, and our environmental commitment is no different. As we look to adapt our office practices to become more sustainable, we know our efforts can have an even greater impact if we are able to empower our customers to join our journey. We want to engage and inform our customers on the small things they can do that make a big difference.

To understand our environmental commitment, the immediate areas we have identified for improvement and why managing our impact matters to us click below.

The Varcity Green Team

To ensure our environmental commitment is on track and we are looking to continuously improve, we have implemented a Green Team – headed up by our Environmental Champion Leigh Horan. The team meet regularly to monitor the progress of our initiatives and look at new ways we can minimise our footprint.

Their in-depth knowledge of the local area, combined with their passion for the planet, enables us to quickly identify areas for improvement and put in place solutions that work for our customers and the local environment.

  • Leigh Horan – Environmental Champion
  • Leane Hacker – Green Team member
  • Rachel Kent – Green Team member

Should you have any queries relating to our environmental commitment or would like to find out more then why not get in touch? You can also find out more from our most recent Green Living newsletter.