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12 ways to make your student house feel like home

Student accommodation can often be more practical than palatial, meaning if you’ve just moved into your new student digs you’re probably eager to make it look a bit more homely. Not only does this make your new home a nicer place to relax and hang-out with friends, but it can also help to offset any feelings of homesickness you may feel.

But where do you begin? Thankfully, we’ve got the inside scoop on what you need to do to make your student house feel like home in no time at all.

1.A little light in here please!

Ceiling mounted lights aren’t always the most flattering, nor the most relaxing. A desk and/or bedside lamp is pretty much essential when you’re going to university as it’ll make studying late into the evening or reading in bed a much easier prospect. In fact, lighting is a major factor in interior design.

However, if you really want to make your room cosy then fairy lights are an essential item and an easy way to decorate a plain room. String them up over your bed-frame, on bookshelves or even inside a vase for a nice effect.

2.Up your floor factor

The flooring in your new student pad will be clean and hard-wearing but it won’t necessarily be stylish. Amp up the style factor in your room by adding a rug in to the mix. Upgrading your room in this way is really simple and guaranteed to make your space feel more inviting. Don’t know what rug to choose? Read this guide.

3.Embrace greenery

Having a wealth of plants in the home has been an interior design trend for quite a few years now and we think this is a bandwagon everyone should get on. Not only do plants look great and add a splash of colour to any room, but they can also help to improve the air quality in your home. If you’re not the most green-fingered then choose plants that need minimal care, such as cacti, succulents and aloe.

Image of plants in the home

4.Opt for luxury bedding

If your student accommodation is anything like the majority of student bedrooms then your bed is taking up a lot of floor space. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing; just make your bed the highlight of your room instead!

Many students will buy the cheapest bedding they can find but this is something we warn against. Your sleep is really important when you’re studying (nearly) every day, so investing in your bedding means you’re actually investing in your sleep. It’s also a quick way to change up your room, introducing colour and pattern in a flash.

5.Get diffusing those odours

Walking through your door to a nice smell can instantly help you to feel more relaxed and settled. Many student homes don’t allow candles as the fire risk is too high, but you can still create a perfumed environment by using a diffuser. You can even get plug-in ones that release a scent throughout the day, so there really is no excuse to not have a lovely smelling home!

6.Put up more art

Art is a very personal thing and can quickly lift up a room. Buy some posters or prints and display them around your room to make the space really feel like your own. For pointers on what to pick click here. If you’re worried about leaving marks on the walls make sure you use special mark-free strips (you can find these online) or put your prints in frames and display them on shelves or leaning against walls.

7.Take keepsakes

When you leave your family home to move into student accommodation you’re likely leaving behind a bedroom stuffed to the brim with sentimental items that are part of your history and memories. You’re still you without these material items, but that doesn’t mean you won’t miss having them nearby. Choose a few favourites and take them when you go; even if you never take them out of a box!

Image of cherished photograph

8.Get snap happy

On a similar vein, photographs of your loved ones is bound to put a smile on your face even when you’re feeling your loneliest. Take a few pics that you would like to display and put them up around your room, That way you can feel close to the special people in your life even when you’re far away.

9.Store everything properly

No matter the size of your bedroom, every room feels small when you don’t have a ‘home’ for all your things. Unpack and organise your room so that everything is within easy reach and do this as soon as you can. If you don’t have enough storage options, then stackable boxes are a great solution and come in handy for packing away lesser-used items such as high heels or fancy dress costumes.

10.Bring your beloved TV

This isn’t an essential but watching shows and films on a television instead of a laptop can help you to feel a bit more like you’re having some proper downtime. They’re also great for socialising, as you can host movie parties or TV marathons.

11.Colour co-ordinate

If you don’t know how to make your room feel more like ‘you’ then try focusing on certain colours and choosing your furnishings based on that. Blue and green are calming colours which work great around stressful revision periods, bright yellow can be a mood lifter and pink can be extra romantic. Consider the colours that help to make you feel safe and calm and incorporate these into the duvet, cushions and other bits and bobs that you bring along.

Image of bed with nice bedding

12.Think about the little things

Finally, it’s time to think about all the little items that will work to make your home feel a bit more like . . .well, a home! A laundry basket is a must but as it will take up a fair bit of space and will last for several years make sure you get one you actually like. Cheap hangers come at a great price but they’re also quick to bend and snap. Buy slightly more expensive ones and they’ll last longer and look a lot nicer hanging in your wardrobe, too.

Another thing that’s worth noting is that you should never leave your favourite mug at home; even though it may be nice to think that it’s in its ‘real’ home in your family kitchen, you’re only going to miss home even more when you can’t even drink a brew in your usual way! Pack your treasured mug with care and you’ll feel a bit more settled every time you sip from it.

Add all these different items together and you’ll be well and truly on the way to making your student house feel like home. Make sure to follow us on our social media channels to see more tips throughout the year!


Leigh Horan

Leigh is the Marketing Manager at Varcity Living. She enjoys going for walks in the Welsh countryside, discovering new places to eat and talking about the most recent film she's watched.