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What is a UK Permanent Resident guarantor?

If you’ve been going through the process of finding a new home we can appreciate you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed with the process. Matters aren’t helped then, by coming across terminology you don’t understand in the paperwork to secure your new home. In this article we’re focusing on the term ‘UK Permanent Resident’, and how this applies to your prospective occupancy contract, to help you understand this frequently queried phrase. Read on to find out more about this term and how it applies to you.

What is a UK Permanent Resident?

A UK Permanent Resident is someone who has indefinite leave to remain in the country, including being able to work, study and travel. They will have no restrictions on how they work in the UK and can stay for an unlimited period of time. They are also able to access public services and the healthcare system. They will be VISA free, as their right to remain in the country is without condition (though it should be noted that if they have spent more than two years in a different country, after their UK Permanent Resident status was granted, their status may have elapsed). A UK Permanent Resident is not necessarily a British citizen, but they are able to apply to become a British citizen after they have had permanent residency status for more than 12 months.

Image of a passport with 3D figure pushing a suitcase trolley, meant to signify a UK Permanent Resident freely travelling in and out the country

Having a UK Permanent Resident guarantor

To secure a property with us here at Varcity Living – and most property agencies! – you need to have a guarantor. A guarantor is someone who guarantees your tenancy for you, able to cover your rental expenses should you fail to make your payments. It’s basically a way of proving to your landlord that you’re a secure tenant and that the rent they are due is secure for the length of your tenancy. Usually your guarantor would be a member of your family who has a secure income. They not only have to pay for any monies you owe should you fail to do so, but they also have to be a UK Permanent Resident.

I don’t have a UK Permanent Resident guarantor

The majority of our tenants are students at Bangor University (though we do also have non-student properties throughout the city and beyond) and a good number of these are international students. Because of this we’re very familiar with the situation whereby one of our prospective tenants is unable to provide the name and details of a UK Permanent Resident guarantor.

Image of a man signing paperwork, meant to signify a UK Permanent Resident guarantor signing the contract

If this sounds like your own current problem then the solution that we offer is for you to pay double the deposit we would usually request for the property you have in mind. The amount can vary but usually this would be the value of two months rent of the property you are applying for. For example, if the deposit for a property would usually be £400, we would ask someone without a UK Permanent Resident guarantor to provide a deposit of £800. This provides both us and the landlord of the property in question with an added layer of security to ensure their income is safe.

Do I still need to provide a guarantor?

If you cannot provide a UK Permanent Resident guarantor then please chat through your options with the lettings negotiator you are dealing with for the tenancy and they will be able to assist. If you have clicked the option that you are a student on the tenancy application form via our website, it may ask you to provide it as a required field. In this case, please put NA in each field.

We hope this answers any queries you may have about this important step in the property application process. If you have any more questions please take a look through our FAQ’s page. If these fail to provide you with a solution, then you can get in touch with us via or by giving our offices a ring on 01248 719254.